Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad

It's a whole new reality for Lauren Conrad: The Hills' leading lady will be returning to MTV for a new series following her budding fashion career, and she tells TV Guide Magazine this time she's in control of just how intrusive the ever-present cameras will be.

"It was great because I was allowed to lay down ground rules and say this is what I'm willing to put on camera again and this is what I'm not," Conrad revealed while attending Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party with her pal Lo Bosworth. "Everybody is on the same page, so I'm very happy going into it."

Conrad said the as-yet-untitled unscripted series will be "more career-based, so the main focus is my contemporary line, Paper Crown. But we're also looking to focus on other projects I have: in television, with Kohl's, the books that I'm writing. So hopefully it will be all the different things that I get to do. I'm very excited. We start filming next month and we're still trying to get everybody on board, so I don't have a ton of details yet but I'm really looking forward to it."

Look for some new faces to join Conrad on the series — she says her former Hills co-stars' schedules may make it hard for them to drop by. "Lo's too busy for me," she laughed. "I have my roommate Mora, who's running my clothing line, so you'll be seeing her and a couple other of my friends, but it will be more of new faces — ones that hid from cameras before."

Conrad may even have a second television project blooming: a small-screen adaptation of her bestselling L.A. Candy book series, which was initially announced to head to the big screen.

"We're still deciding between movie and show," Conrad said. "We were originally going towards show, and then we wanted to do a movie and now we might be leaning towards show again. So I promise as soon as I have something to talk about I will tell you!"

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