Although the Love Actually sequel has already aired in England, the upcoming U.S. broadcast will feature an entirely new storyline.

Laura Linney will reprise her role as Sarah in the America version of the short follow-up film, Entertainment Weekly reports. Linney's scene will be filmed in April, although the actress has yet to be told what it will entail. "I have no idea what I'm doing yet. Not a clue," Linney told the magazine.

Love Actually left off Sarah's storyline with her duties to her mentally ill brother getting in the way of her finally getting together with her longtime crush, Karl (Rodrigo Santoro), our enigmatic chief designer. Here's hoping when we check in on Sarah in 2017, she's finally found her happy ending.

The Love Actually sequel will air as part of NBC's Red Nose Day special on May 25.

Rodrigo Santoro and Laura Linney, <em>Love Actually</em>Rodrigo Santoro and Laura Linney, Love Actually