Tom Cruise is a beast. He broke his ankle while doing a stunt on Mission: Impossible - Fallout and doctors told him he might not run again, but six weeks later he was sprinting. James Corden is not a beast. He likes to drive a luxury SUV and sing songs.

So when Cruise wanted to take Corden skydiving for The Late Late Show, Corden agreed, but he genuinely seemed to not want to do it. We haven't seen him this apprehensive since he played tattoo roulette with One Direction.

"The worst problem is, if we both die, I will get zero press," Corden joked. "I will be a footnote. The story will be 'Tom Cruise dies. Also that guy who occasionally drives around in a car was there.'"

But they didn't die. They had an incredible experience at 15,000 feet. Tom Cruise showboated, doing flips and spinning around and not opening his parachute until the last minute. He's extremely good at skydiving. This is some really amazing skydiving footage. Check it out.

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