Hearing that the world is on fire seems to hurt less when someone funny is delivering the news. So, as we continue the marathon of Democratic Primary debates, cry over the increasing cost of living in America, the silver lining is that John Oliver is returning soon to help us through it.

HBO announced Wednesday that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will return for Season 7 on Sunday, Feb. 16 on the cable network. You can wrap up your Valentine's Day weekend with a bit of news coated in silliness. Doesn't that sound nice?

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Considering the fact that we're in an election year, you can bet that Oliver will be doing a lot of deep dives on the big scandals and news stories of the campaign, as well as shining a light on issues that may have skipped mainstream media attention. Season 6 of the show won four Emmys, including Outstanding Variety Talk Series for the fourth year in a row. With that kind of record, there's no reason to slow down now.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 7 premieres Sunday Feb. 16 at 11/10c on HBO.

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