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Last Man Standing Exclusive: Mike Drops a James Comey Joke Everybody Can Laugh At

It's funny! It's political but non-partisan!

Malcolm Venable

It's no secret thatLast Man Standing's Mike Baxter's (Tim Allen) has politics that can sometimes raise a few eyebrows, nor is it news that he's not exactly a fan of the Washington machinery either. Well, in the first episode of 2019, Mike makes an oh-so-timely crack about former FBI director James Comey -- the guy Donald Trump fired -- that's pretty hilarious no matter which side of the aisle you sit on.

As shown in TV Guide's exclusive clip, Mike's daughter Mandy (Molly McCook) and her hubby Kyle (Christoph Sanders) get obsessed with a true-crime show (like the many good ones on Netflix) and the wife-and-husband duo come to believe they might've cracked the whodunnit. Mike, the wise guy he is, is naturally not very impressed and teases that they may in fact have overlooked a key suspect right in their midst: Ed (Hector Elizondo). It's an outrageous theory that Mandy actually seems to buy for a second, which supports Mike's initial assessment of her sleuthing skills in the first place. Her sudden gusto for crime-solving prompts Mike to tease her about her qualifications, and when she asserts the reason for her expertise, Mike roasts her with a slick, sarcastic burn that name-drops the former investigator in a way that's sure to make every red-blooded American chuckle even if they're screaming at the news for different reasons altogether. Wanna hear it? Check out the video.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8/7c on Fox.