Tim Allen will not sit down, no siree. The star of ABC's canceled family comedy Last Man Standing is in talks with Fox to bring the series back for a seventh season, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Last Man Standing's cancellation almost a year ago was anything but routine for ABC, as it got dragged into the political circus consuming America. Fans claimed the cancellation was due to the show's conservative viewpoint (staunch Republican Allen once claimed that being a Republican in Hollywood was akin to living in 1930s Germany), while ABC simply said the decision was made because of scheduling and licensing fees. Allen previously tried to get the show moved to CMT, but a deal never panned out.

A move to Fox makes some sense for the series, as 20th Century Fox was the studio behind Last Man Standing. The comedy also has a legitimate beef with being canceled as it was ABC's second-most-watched sitcom with DVR numbers factored in, and its total number of viewers would have easily made it Fox's most-watched comedy by far. The irony here is that Disney, ABC's parent company, is set to acquire Fox next year, meaning Last Man Standing will once again be part of the ABC-Disney family.

Talks of bringing the show back come on the heels of the breakout success of ABC's Roseanne revival, which also is a multi-camera conservative-leaning family sitcom. Last Man Standing followed a conservative father (Allen) who lived with his wife and three daughters.