Las Vegas
Poor Monica. OK, not really, but I thought I would try and muster up some sympathy for the girl since no one else on the show really did. At least her last act was to land on top of a Manolo Blahnik one-day sample sale. It was so Carrie Bradshaw of her, but I couldn't relate. Somehow I missed getting the shoe gene. And the shopping gene. But Delinda sure got plenty of both. After she gave two seconds of her time to thinking about Monica's death, she went and took advantage of the sale. On any other show, this would be seen as cold and callous, but on Las Vegas, it's what passes for depth. By the end of the hour, Ed and the gang flushed Monica's ashes down the toilet. There's a joke in there about someone's career but I'm not going there. That would be in poor taste.

Crime caper of the week: Somebody clocked Mike over the head in a stairwell. Who really cares about whodunit and whytheydunit, but we did get to learn a little somethin'-somethin' about the smooth dude. Who knew his away-from-the-Montecito time included starring in dinner theater?

Guest stars of the week: Dean "I heart NBC" Cain and George "I'm also on Fox's Reunion" Newbern. Casey (Cain) bought the Montecito and then proceeded to hand half of it over to Sam as part of their divorce settlement. As for Newbern, he played (no, not an abusive husband like he does on the aforementioned Reunion) a blind love interest of Delinda's who happened to be married. Not cool. But loved the "you're very tall" line. Oh, and I just noticed that I haven't even mentioned anything about Josh Duhamel (Danny), so let me just say he was on and he looked gooood.