Las Vegas did the time warp and treated us all to a retropisode. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the effort an Ocean's 8. The vibe was chill, the music was cool and our posse looked

gooood. The show did a credible job of re-creating early '60s Vegas gangsters, gambling, racial tensions and all.

The names were all pretty much the same, except that the Montecito wasn't the Montecito, it was the Jubilee. Frank Sinatra was the main draw. And Mike had hair. The hair cracked me up. I think Robert Townsend wore somethin' like it back when he was in The Five Heartbeats. Nothing much really changed. Although this Ed Deline didn't have to hold back like he has to in the present day. Usually he has to turn the criminal element over to the police, but not in this alternate universe: He can actually go medieval on someone's sorry butt and then drop him off in front of his peeps just to send a message. Cold. Love it, but totally cold.

Kudos to the tailor-made opening sequence that featured vintage Vegas shots. More kudos to the clothes, the hair, Danny trying to do the twist. It's also nice to know that even back then, he and Mike were on the cutting edge of high tech security. However, at times I felt like I was stuck in the original Rat Pack-infested (in a good way) Ocean's 11. That movie was très cool but kinda dragged on in parts (not in a good way). I walked away from this trip in the way-back machine feeling a little torn. Danny and Sam? Or Danny and Mary? I'm giving the edge to the two ABC daytime alums. Josh Duhamel (ex-All My Children) and Vanessa Marcil (ex-General Hospital) had chemistry to spare.