Las Vegas
Before I get into the recap, I have a little Las Vegas housecleaning to get to. First of all, I never knew there were so many people passionate about who they want their Danny with: Sam or Mary. Now I do and I'm lovin' the debate; keep it coming. Second of all, I said that I gave the edge to the two ABC Daytime alums

Josh Duhamel and Vanessa Marcil. Well, some of you out there reminded me that Nikki Cox was once on General Hospital. I stand corrected. But seriously. Josh and Vanessa were like ginormous stars on their respective soaps (AMC & GH). I mean, I only really became aware of Nikki when she was on that sitcom with the stuffed rabbit.

OK, now let's get back to our regularly scheduled program. For me, this episode seemed like a way to spend some downtime between last week's great '60s time warp and next week's so-called watercooler episode. You know, the one "where it's not just who cashes out but how they go." Monica brings in some big expensive sapphire and of course it gets stolen just before the exhibit opens. Danny has to put his cute little butt in action in order to figure out the culprit without Ed's assistance. Meanwhile, real-life magician Criss Angel keeps Mike and Delinda busy trying to figure out the myth behind the mind freak. But you know, when Mike said, "I don't get the whole magic thing," I had to agree with him. Although, there was one trick I desperately wanted the answer to: What was keeping Monica's "top" in place (by top I clearly mean two way-too-thin strips of fabric)? Whatever it was, it miraculously prevented her from going all Tara Reid on us. Thank you, wardrobe department.