Question: I have been waiting and waiting to hear if there will be a resolution to Las Vegas. Will we get to know what happens to Danny's and Delinda's baby? Where was Coop when everyone thought he was dead? And who ends up with the casino? Inquiring minds need to know and having Danny and Delinda walk across the screen with a baby in Knight Rider just ain't gonna cut it!

Answer: There may be room for some cautious optimism. I cornered Ben Silverman at Monday's NBC upfront Experience soiree and asked him point-blank whether he plans to give Vegas fans some closure in the form of a wrap-up movie and he didn't say no. Just the opposite, in fact. He said he would very much like to make that happen, although he hedged when I pressed him on the who-what-where-when. Now it's entirely possible he was just blowing smoke up this Aushole, but, color me naïve, the dude sounded sincere. Silverman was less convincing when he told me that my BFF Lauren Graham was "in the mix" for the Office spin-off. I think he just didn't want to hurt my feelings.