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Question: Any update on the possibility of a Las Vegas movie or any other form of a series finale?

Answer: There's been a flurry of activity behind the scenes to give fans some closure, but, unfortunately, all it's amounted to is a chilly frost between NBC and Vegas producers. According to several sources both at the network and the show, NBC initially asked series creator Gary Scott Thompson to tack a scene or two onto the final pre-strike episode you know, the one that concluded with the infamous "to be continued" so that it didn't end on a cliff-hanger. Thompson allegedly refused, claiming their idea was insipid and he'd rather be a victim of the strike than force a ridiculous ending down fans' throats. The Peacock later asked him to post a wrap-up on NBC.com, an idea he also balked at. "He thought it would undermine fans' attempts at a real wrap-up," says my source, who maintains that a two-hour movie (which is what Thompson pitched them) is possible regardless of what state the show's sets are in. "There's a ton of stock footage that exists. They can still do it. Sets don't matter." Both Thompson and NBC declined to comment, which either means they're still trying to work something out or they're too angry to speak. Either way, it'd probably be wise to keep those baby booties comin'!