Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba continue Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's iconic Bad Boys movie franchise with L.A's Finest, a refreshing and fun TV series that never forgets where it came from. Uprooting the story from Miami to the City of Angels, the show centers on detectives Sydney Barrett and Nancy McKenna, who couldn't be more opposite in their approach to taking down L.A.'s worst criminals. Infused with the same high-octane action sequences and edgy humor emblematic of Michael Bay's big-screen films, the show tells a new story with a familiar approach — and numerous callouts to what came before.

In honor of this latest installment, we've compiled a list of those fun Bad Boys Easter eggs. Did you catch them all?

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, <em>LA's Finest</em>Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, LA's Finest

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Sydney Barrett
Anyone familiar with the Bad Boys franchise recognizes Syd Barrett as Marcus' strong-willed younger sister, first introduced in Bad Boys II. Back then, she was just a newbie undercover agent working her first big case, which happened to overlap with her brother's, causing a bit of a family conflict. It all worked out in the end, and Syd has since moved onto bigger and better things on the West Coast.

Tropical Fruit Bubblicious and some Skittles
When it comes to cop dramas, shootouts in the convenience store are nothing new, but this scene contains a specific reference to the first Bad Boys film. Syd's request for a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious and Nancy's ask for Skittles when the action dies down is an exact reenactment of a memorable moment from the original film. The reference is a bit dated since that gum isn't as popular as it was in 1995 when Bad Boys debuted, but it's still a sweet nod to the franchise.

Rivalry with the Bens
It's hard to ignore Nancy and Syd's banter with detectives Ben Walker (Zach Gilford) and Ben Baines (Duane Martin) and unexpected zingers like Nancy's "black man and Robin" quip, which mirrors Mike and Marcus's big-screen rivalry with Ruiz (Julio Oscar Mechoso) and Sanchez (Nestor Serrano). Much like its film counterpart, those memorable exchanges in LA's Finest are the source of the show's most humorous scenes.

Computer hacker Fletcher (John Salley)
Bad Boys fans will recognize brilliant hacker Fletcher as a hallmark of the franchise. First seen in the original film towering over Lawrence and Smith while helping them gain intel on corrupt cop Eddie Dominguez (Emmanuel Xuereb), Fletcher popped up again Bad Boys II to help the detectives decode a pile of shredded paper. No word yet on whether he'll appear in the upcoming third film, titled Bad Boys for Life, but Fletcher's multiple appearances in LA's Finest indicate he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

"I know a guy."
Okay, so this one technically isn't a Bad Boys easter egg, but it's still a fun one. Syd's quip about being a Miami Heat fan because she knows a guy is a reference to Union's real-life marriage to former Heat guard Dwyane Wade who retired this year after 16 seasons in the NBA.

The watch from "Mike"
In the first episode, Syd handed her young witness a silver Rolex with the name "Mike" engraved on it as assurance that she'd return to get it back. There's a good reason that watch meant a lot to her: It came from her ex-boyfriend Mike Lowrey. In Bad Boys II, we learned the pair had been dating for months, and they ended the film still together. But it looks like they've since broken up and parted ways on amicable terms given the fond way Syd spoke of him.

"Sh-- just got real."
That slow-motion pan round Lawrence and Smith in Bad Boys II when Lawrence utters the immortal words "sh-- just got real" after realizing Syd had been kidnapped was the scene that launched a thousand memes. LA's Finest paid homage with an exact replication of that, down to the slow pan, and Syd taking over for Mike to say those exact words when their own witness is kidnapped. Dope.

L.A.'s Finest continues with two episodes every Monday via Spectrum on Demand.