Larry nearly drowns and thinks God saved him, which prompts him to want to go to synagogue for the High Holy Days. But does it prompt him to be a nicer guy? C'mon. He leaves Jeff and Susie at the party without a ride; interrupts his lovemaking with Cheryl to answer the phone; complains to Leo about the sandwich named after him and, after his dad has a mild stroke, still steals a handful of mints from the dish by the cash register and blames the sandwich for his dad's problems. In other words, it's another season of our beloved misanthrope.

"What's the difference?" Larry demands to know when Ted Danson won't switch sandwiches with him. "One tastes good and one sucks!" Danson replies. Well, he's got him there. Then Larry lays out $300 for scalped temple tickets down front. Rookie. In my day, the family waited until after the first services broke then snuck up front and sat in the seats of the rich people who never bothered to show up because all that mattered was having everyone know they shelled out big for the right to sit there. And you had to giggle out loud at Larry and poor Cheryl getting kicked out of shul after the fight with Richard Lewis and the kid from the party narc-ing him out. As much as I watch this show, I can still never predict what the twists will be, no matter how well set up. Didn't see the doctor's broken hand coming, and didn't see the nanny dying because this time Larry wouldn't pick up the phone. And for the record? I love whitefish and sable, but with capers and onions? I'd screw Danson over to get rid of that one, too. No doubt.