Larry Hagman Larry Hagman

After stories floated that TNT had failed to reach a financial agreement with Larry Hagman to reprise his role of J.R. Ewing in an update of the 1978-91 primetime soap Dallas — and would move forward with an altered script that would write out the popular character — both parties expressed hope that the conflict could be resolved.  

And now I'm happy to report that a deal's been struck! Yep, I just got off the phone with Larry, who tells me he's in!  "I haven't signed any contract but I gave them my commitment verbally," says the star, who'll turn 80 this year. "I just told them I'd do it and my word's good!"

The updated pilot, written by former Cane scribe Cynthia Cidre, finds 'ole J.R. confined to a mental asylum in a near catatonic state, having not spoken a word in years. How does Larry feel about this bold and startling plot development?

"Whatever they want is okay with me," he says, vowing J.R. won't be locked away for long. "Oh, I'll get out and cause more trouble! That's for sure!"

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