Lane Garrison by John Shearer/ Lane Garrison by John Shearer/

Former Prison Break star Lane Garrison checked in at 9:15 Friday morning to Chino State Prison for a 90-day evaluation, based on his Aug. 2 hearing. "He's holding up OK," Garrison's friend Andrew Gallery told TV Guide Friday afternoon. (Gallery directed the actor's emotional testimonial in the short anti-drinking documentary Graduation Day.)

On Aug. 2, Judge Eldon Fox ordered prison officials to evaluate Garrison during this 90-day period to see if he is "suitable for probation," explained a representative of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. When Garrison returns to Judge Fox's court on Oct. 31, if "he is deemed remorseful and suitable for probation," he will not likely serve additional prison time.

An intoxicated Garrison was driving the car responsible for the December 2006 Beverly Hills crash that resulted in the death of 17-year-old Vahagn Setian and the serious injuries of two other teen passengers.

Graduation Day, which is being produced by Bob Pack, whose own two young children were killed by a drunk driver, will be featured in a Sept. 21 Dr. Phil prime-time special for CBS.

Pack told TV Guide he felt the judge's decree at Garrison's Aug. 2 hearing is "an appropriate sentence because of his first-time offense, his sincerity and his dedication to accepting responsibility of what happened." - Reporting by N.F. Mendoza

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