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For Lane Bryant, rejection can be a good thing.

Less than a month after a Lane Bryant lingerie ad was turned down by both ABC and Fox, the ad in question has amassed 2.3 million viewers online in one week, Advertising Age reports.

The commercial, titled "So Not What Mom Would Wear," shows a full-figured model getting dressed in Lane Bryant's new Cacique line of lingerie. After it was initially deemed too racy to air on either network, the company posted the ad on their website as "the commercial Fox and ABC did not want their viewers to see." Both ABC and Fox have since agreed to air the commercial during Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, respectively.

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In the days since the ad was posted, it has not only captured millions of hits online, but also caused controversy over why exactly the ad was deemed too racy. Lane Bryant accused the networks of imposing a double-standard because they refused to air a lingerie ad featuring a full-figured model while airing commercials featuring similarly half-dressed Victoria's Secret models.

"ABC's statement that 'Lane Bryant was treated absolutely no differently than any advertiser for the same product' is simply not true," a Lane Bryant spokesman said in a statement. "The Victoria's Secret ads, which had aired on Dancing with the Stars prior to the date our ad was rejected, were not subject to the same restrictions."

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"There was absolutely no rationale for us to be relegated to the back of the bus, when our ads were no more risqué than those of Victoria's Secret," the company spokesman said. "The only difference is the size of our models. We would have expected better from a company owned by Disney."

Both ABC and Fox denied treating Lane Bryant's ads differently in separate statements.

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