While his health has been slowly moving towards recovery, Lamar Odom still has some major hurdles to overcome.

The former NBA player is "definitely" in need of a kidney transplant, a source told Us Weekly, though he is currently on dialysis while his strength improves. Naturally, Odom has been going through good and bad moments, and "can say a few words. He's doing a tiny bit better, but he has a very long road back to full recovery - if that," the source said. "The doctors just don't know the extent of all the damage yet. There are still a lot of tests that need to be done."

Report: Lamar Odom tested positive for cocaine

A different source added that the injury Odom sustained to his brain is "of the most concern" to his wife Khloe Kardashian. "That's the most serious thing he's dealing with," the source said. "He'll get more of his motor skills back gradually, but cognitively, he's not where he used to be."

Such damage was caused by the multiple strokes Odom suffered after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Oct. 13. A blood test taken that night tested positive for cocaine, after Odom had been reportedly been on several drugs during his three-day stay at the brothel.

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