Lady Gaga proved that she was the perfect choice to lead the Grammys' tribute to David Bowie. She inherited his shape-shifting theatricality, and he surely would have been proud of her stylish, far-reaching tribute.

Gaga ran through a medley of Bowie classics so quickly it was difficult to keep up. She started with "Space Oddity," with Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane makeup beamed over her face. Then she ran through "Changes," then "Ziggy Stardutst, then "Suffragette City," where she busted out a moving robo-keyboard and mic stand. Then she did "Rebel Rebel," "Fashion," and "Fame." A snatch of "Under Pressure" bled into "Let's Dance," and musical director Nile Rodgers came out on guitar. They took it home with "Heroes," which Gaga sang with glowing orbs on her hands.

There were a lot of songs she didn't get to (no "Life on Mars?"), which is a shame, because we really wouldn't have complained had it gone on for another 10 minutes.