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Lady Gaga loves making an entrance, but her red carpet arrival at the Grammys was distinguished by what wasn't seen — namely, Gaga herself. Instead, the mercurial singer was carried inside a semi-translucent egg down the carpet by a coterie of blank-eyed attendants. Inside, she appeared to be breathing using an oxygen mask.

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When Gaga took the stage to sing her new single, "Born This Way," she emerged from the egg (you could say hatched) — thankfully not shrouded in afterbirth — wearing a yellow rubber dress, matching wide-brimmed hat, and what appeared to be pointed shoulder implants.

To be sure, the birth metaphor wasn't subtle, but it was a spectacle worthy of both the Grammys and Gaga's publicity stunt-heavy career.

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What did you think of Gaga's miracle birth? Poetic or corny?