"It's ladies' night/And the feeling's right/Oh, yes, it's ladies' night/Oh, what a night...." With this song stuck in my head, play gets under way with an all-female cast of quasi-celebs who are ready for some cable-approved humor and good, old-fashioned gamblin'. And Dave Foley's goofy humor really seems to go over well with the gals, even when he references his own menstrual cycle. Tonight it was Ricki Lake, Sharon Lawrence, Kathryn Morris, Kathy Najimi and Caroline Rhea in a battle to see who could play her cards right. Now usually there are some overshares in the personal-information arena on this show, mostly in attempts at humor or to distract opponents. But tonight's odd comment comes from poker-pro Phil Gordon, who admitted  jokingly, I think that he once dressed in drag to compete in a ladies-only tourney. I hope he was kidding, because he would make kind of a terrifying woman with his nearly 7-foot-tall stature do they even make dresses that size? If he isn't just being funny, then I think we need to see pictures, because it must have been something to remember. Caroline wasn't really on top of her card game, but she was quick with her wit, although 90 percent of what came out of her mouth can't be repeated in this public forum. She did make the corny and oft-repeated joke about playing Fold'em instead of Hold'em when she just couldn't get decent cards. Phil's pick, Ricki Lake, was first out of the game. Are he and Dave seriously trying to jinx people? The experienced player and talk-show mediator seemed miffed that she got beaten by goofy Caroline, her good pal Kathy and, most especially, the rookie Kathryn. And though Kathy initially said she was rooting for her pal and thought she'd have a hard time taking her money, she decided to play a superaggressive game and took everyone's chips and earned herself a place in the finals. That should definitely liven up the boys' game a bit; maybe she'll flash her bra again in an attempt to distract. It certainly was a surprise here on the show, where truly anything can happen and often does. AC

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