Everything old is new again, especially iconic properties that, with a little goosing, can reclaim old and new audiences simultaneously. Such is the case with the L.A. Law reboot, which, after hanging around in development, will be shopped around this season with an eye to ideally premiering next fall, according to Deadline.

The reincarnation of the 1980s drama that made legalese and shoulder pads hip is helmed by original co-creator Steven Bochco. He developed it with one of the original series' writers, Billy Finkelstein, under the auspices of 20th Century Fox TV, which will be taking out to prospective buyers this season.

L.A. Law creator Steven Bochco reveals why he said yes to a reboot

Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman said, "They found a way to take an iconic series and bring it to 2016 Los Angeles. It is an interesting blend of old and new." The project will also likely feature characters from the original series playing bosses to new, younger lawyers who will be new to the franchise.

Newman went on to say the project would be shopped around to other networks, and it wouldn't just default to Fox.

The original L.A. Law brought Emmy acclaim and popular fame to NBC in its initial run. Do we smell a bidding war?