Leisha Hailey by Naomi Kaltman/Showtime Leisha Hailey by Naomi Kaltman/Showtime

As The L Word approaches the start of its sixth and final season, Showtime confirmed to TVGuide.com that the show's spin-off will star series vet Leisha Hailey.

Hailey has played L Word's Alice since 2004. Apart from her casting, few details are being revealed yet about specific plans for the spin-off, but a rep for show suggested that it will pick up where The L Word leaves off after its finale.

Creator Ilene Chaiken will write and produce the new pilot, which will start shooting in December. Now that Alice will be anchoring the new show, who else would you want to see along with her, carrying the proverbial series torch? - Anna Dimond

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