Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend of over a year, rapper Tyga, have split up, TMZ reported. Rumors of the split started swirling Thursday night when the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister was absent from Tyga's birthday celebration that night. Neither Kylie nor any of the other Kardashians posted any birthday wishes for Tyga on social media.

"It's something Tyga did," an unnamed source told TMZ, but failed to elaborate. TMZ called the breakup "sudden and nasty."

Too bad for Tyga. Even though he's kind of a creep, it's still a bummer to get dumped on your birthday. It's a much worse gift than the Ferrari he got her for her 18th birthday. Tyga isn't having too bad of a time, though; he released a new single, "Happy Birthday," in celebration of his 26th.

Neither Jenner nor Tyga has personally confirmed the split as of press time.