Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas, <EM>Kyle XY</EM> Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas, Kyle XY

Sorry, Kyle XY fans, but after tonight's episode (8 pm/ET, ABC Family), there won't be anything new from the test-tube teen and his crew until early 2008, when the last 10 episodes of Season 2 air. TVGuide.com caught up with star Matt Dallas shortly after his return to the Vancouver set from what he calls "a little three-week hiatus," to probe him for tidbits about the summer finale and next winter's plots.

TVGuide.com: How has your summer been?
Matt Dallas:
I was at Comic-Con. It was great. You get to talk to the fans and you don't get any jerks, because people who waited in line for two hours love your show. They're the true fans.

TVGuide.com: Did you get to meet other sci-fi stars?
Doing the TV Guide panel was awesome because I got to meet some great people, especially Michelle Ryan from Bionic Woman. She shoots up here in Vancouver as well, so hopefully we'll get to hang out, because that would be cool.

TVGuide.com: Give up some scoop about the last episode of the summer run. When last we saw Kyle, he snuck out of the Trager house to go after Jessi (Jaimie Alexander). What happens next?
He finds her and he's able to really connect with her and say, "Look, we're going to figure this out together. We're going to find out where we come from. I'm going to be here for you."

TVGuide.com: Hmm. Is he developing romantic feelings for his fellow belly-button-less scientific experiment?
I can't go into that too much. I'll tell you that as far as a love triangle goes, there will be a lot of competition for Kyle's time between Jessi and [his girlfriend] Amanda [Kirsten Prout] when the show returns next year. But Kyle and Jessi have a unique connection he'll never share with anyone else, and when they go off on the journey, they really start to form a special bond.

TVGuide.com: This is clearly going to be a problem for his relationship with Amanda.
Kyle is torn in his choices, because he knows there's a consequence for leaving Amanda, at a time when she needs him, to go after Jessi. Amanda's already starting to question her relationship with Kyle, so his decision is really difficult. But he knows that he's here for a purpose and he has to fulfill his destiny.

TVGuide.com: What exactly are Kyle and Jessi looking for?
They don't know. They've got a few pieces of the puzzle — a photo from the past that seems to be Adam Baylin [the scientist who created Kyle and Jessi] and a mysterious woman, and they've got the Látnok box and ring, which leads them to more clues, and ultimately they find a huge surprise waiting for them in the forest.

TVGuide.com: C'mon, give us a hint.
Let's say someone from the past shows up unexpectedly.

TVGuide.com: We learned recently that Kyle and Jessi can get inside each others' minds. Does that have any payoff?
Jessi gets into Kyle's head and accesses information. And then something pretty shocking happens.

TVGuide.com: What are the Tragers — Kyle's adopted family — going through tonight?
They're starting to question who Kyle is, because he's become more and more suspicious. He's distancing himself from the family, not intentionally, but because he's struggling with his dual identity: having to be a normal teenager while growing into what might be a superhero one day. It's especially hard for Nicole [Marguerite MacIntyre], who's poured so much of herself into this boy and feels rejected by him.

TVGuide.com: Is there danger in the episode?
The Kyle/Jessi thing in the forest ends with a very climactic action sequence. There's a fight sequence and a cliff. That's all I'll say.

TVGuide.com: Sounds like we can expect, quite literally, a cliff-hanger. What can you tell us about the second half of the season?
The first episode of the back 10 is huge. A ton of stuff is revealed. It's also a whole lot of Kyle coming back to the family and having to explain where he's been and what happened to Jessi.

TVGuide.com: Kyle did a lot of growing up this season, and he is, after all, a teenager. When should we expect him to lose his virginity?
I keep pitching it to the writers! He hasn't had sex, but I will tell you, the subject is something on everyone's mind.

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