Robert Capita, Kurt Wraner Robert Capita, Kurt Wraner

Getting a second chance doesn't just resonate with the participants on USA's first reality series The Moment, but also with the show's host, Kurt Warner, and the show's executive producer, Charlie Ebersol.

"The premise fits so succinctly with what my story is and how my career played out," Warner tells "To be able to step in as a host and offer people a second opportunity to chase their dream knowing what a second opportunity meant to me, to my career, to my family, it lines up exactly with what I wanted to do moving forward."

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Warner, 41, was given his second chance when he was bagging groceries in his home town of Cedar Falls, Ia. After being cut by numerous NFL teams, Warner was finally given the opportunity to play by the St. Louis Rams. Just 18 months later he was leading the team to a Super Bowl victory and was named the game's MVP. For 30-year-old Ebersol, it was the plane crash that killed his brother and injured him and his father, former head of NBC sports Dick Ebersol, which literally gave him a second lease at life and the push to figure out what truly made him happy.

Each episode of The Moment features one person who is given the chance to win the job of their dreams by working with an expert mentor in the field and ultimately interviewing for the position. Some of the professions profiled include NASCAR driver, White House chef, Notre Dame football coach, orchestra conductor and Sports Illustrated photographer. While some of the contestants never became successful in their first attempt at the profession, others put their dreams on permanent hold for reasons including starting families and caring for sick loved ones. 

"All of our dreams are big and what we've come to realize is that so many people settle for less than the big picture they dreamed up when they were 8, 9, 10 years old," Warner says. "I understand not everybody is going to be able to win the Super Bowl and not everybody is going to live their dream to the degree they want, but I do believe everybody can have their passions in their life. The nine stories we tell this season will speak to millions of people that are watching at home, wondering, 'Why am I not chasing my dreams and what's holding me back?'"

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USA co-president Chris McCumber adds, "[The premise] is something we found is very apropos to what's going in the world. We just did a poll that 80 percent of Americans right now are dissatisfied with their jobs and would jump at the chance to take their dream gig."

While not every episode features a job offer at the end — after all, these companies and the positions are legit — Warner is OK with that. "I would love everyone to get the job at the end ... but the goal is to change them internally and get their passion reignited," he says. "So regardless of what happens at the end, they want to find ways to make it part of their life. The end result is what it is, but it's the journey more than anything that changes who they are. They've overcome obstacles, so it gives them a new perspective on life and that's really what this show is about."

The Moment premieres on Thursday at 10/9c on USA. Checkout Warner's Watchlist below: