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Krysten Ritter is used to making catty comments as the titular beeyotch in ABC's Don't Trust The B--- in Apartment 23, but can she cut it alongside the famously snarky panel of fashionistas on Lifetime's Project Runway? We'll find out when she serves as guest judge on this week's episode.

TV Guide Magazine: How did you get involved in being a guest judge on the show?
I just got a random offer to do it, and I was like, "Really, is this a mistake?" It was so thrilling and exciting because obviously, it's an amazing show, but also they have fancy guests so for me it was cool. My friends and my family were more excited about it than some of the other things in my career!

TV Guide Magazine: Why were you surprised — do you not consider yourself a fashion icon?
No! I mean, I love fashion and I have a great time doing it, but I guess I never really think about the fact that other people can see me. Like I never ever imagine that people would actually watch my movies or watch my shows. I just assume that it would just be me and my friends and family so it's cool to be thought of in that way.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you fan of the show? Do you watch it frequently?
I watched the first couple of seasons. The clothes are amazing. One of my girlfriends actually goes online and buys them. All of us are pretty fanatical. I didn't know what to expect because I've never been a part of any sort of reality TV. Michael Kors made me laugh all day. He's so funny! They were all really nice and welcoming. At one point, a contestant cried, and I was like "This is awful, I feel so bad" — it was hard not to get choked up myself. It's pretty intense for the contestants.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you have to channel your inner B---- to say nasty things about any of the designers, or were you the good cop?
I was somewhere in the middle. I'd have some criticism on something and then I'd be like "I'm so sorry!" because I didn't want to be mean. These guys are working so hard and the challenge was to create a dress for a past contestant to wear to the Emmys, so that's pretty huge. And because I'm an actress, I love the Emmy dresses. For me the pregame of the award shows is my favorite part. It was a cool challenge and a very difficult one as well.

TV Guide Magazine: How was Heidi? Was she how you expected her to be?
I want to know her secret because the woman is gorgeous! In person, she's just perfect from head-to-toe and she's just so graceful and poised and gorgeous and hot and sexy. She hasn't aged a day. I actually saw her — I didn't mention this to her because I didn't want to seem like a total loser nerd — but when I was first starting my career, I was 16 years old, and I was in this contest called the "Elite Model Look," and she was the host. So I saw her way back when, and to see her 15 years later and she looks exactly the same or better? Whatever she's doing, I want it!

TV Guide Magazine: I miss you on Breaking Bad, by the way. I was so sad when your character died.
Thank you! Me, too. I'm hoping I can pop back in for a flashback before the series ends.

TV Guide Magazine: You were an important figure in Jesse's life! He should think back to the days you had together.
I totally agree. Who knows? If Jesse finds out the Walt killed me or let me die, I think he'd probably kill Walt. So I'm dying to see how they wrap it up. The Breaking Bad family is so good to me. They sent me a letter and a bottle of champagne when my show aired, and I framed it and put it on the fridge. They're so supportive and so amazing. That job really changed the course of my career, so I feel so lucky to be a part of something that's so cool.

TV Guide Magazine: How are you spending this hiatus?
I'm producing a MTV show. It's called Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys and it's based on a book that I found almost two years ago, and I planned on doing myself. And Don't Trust the B---- came along, so we sort of re-tooled it and made it younger and MTV bought it and now we're making it. Principal photography starts August 2in Atlanta, so now it's just scrambling to get ready.

TV Guide Magazine: Wow, that's exciting!
It is so exciting. I'm also really excited not to be in it. Because I'm gonna have to go back to work literally two days after we wrap and get up at 4 in the morning and be in the hair and make-up chair for two hours! So on this one, I don't have to be there two hours early. I get to sleep in until at least 8!

Project Runway airs tonight at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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