Syfy dropped a first look at its upcoming series Krypton for attendees of NBC Universals upfront presentation today, and from the looks of it, it will be a worthy addition to the growing number of superhero-related shows on television. Krypton was first announced in 2014 and follows a young version of Superman's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), as he fights to restore the honor of his family's name on the planet Krypton some 200 years before the events of Man of Steel.

The trailer — which was not released to the public — starts by teasing that before Superman's story, there was so much more to know about the House of El, Clark Kent's original family. We see glimpses of Superman's grandpa, the planet Krypton reassembling in front of a giant sun, and some hints that — with sex and violence — this won't be your grandpa's superhero show.

We also get some teases of a war brewing on Krypton between the different classes. In the comics, these are called castes — with scientists ruling at the top, and the workers at the bottom. Clearly, before the planet blew up, there were some smaller explosions going off along the way.

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But the most interesting bit is the end, when our main hero is given a small, black cylinder shaped like Superman's "S" symbol. Some blood is spilled as he presses the cylinder into a larger "S" symbol, which fills with blood and becomes the logo we all know and love. Only this is very, very close to the shield used in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. So is this a prequel to the current DC movies? Given the David S. Goyer connection, that's not out of the realm of possibility.

Krypton does not yet have a premiere date.