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Krypton Spin-Off About Foul-Mouthed Bounty Hunter Lobo In the Works

No word on if the actor who plays Lobo in the Syfy series will reprise the role

Rachel Paige

Syfy is looking to expand its Krypton universe and is currently developing a series based around the DC character Lobo.

Zhariff Lobo, whose name means "one who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it," is a bounty hunter and he's the last one of his race because... he killed everyone else. He's essentially indestructible and all-powerful with a perchance for swearing like Deadpool. So imagine a super-jacked Deadpool who is just out to destroy everything in his way.

The character of Lobo appears in the second season of Krypton, played by Emmett J. Scanlan, but at the time it's unclear if he'll be reprising the role for the spin-off series. Scanlan's Lobo looks like if Jason Momoa was playing an even more twisted version of the Joker, complete with long hair and excessive face paint.

Krypton executive producer Cameron Welsh will serve as an executive producer and writer on the project. And according to Variety, there are "no additional details" about casting or the show at this time. However, Krypton does return for Season 2 on June 12, so that's one more reason to tune in.