Kristy Swanson says it's not true: She did not assault boyfriend Lloyd
's ex-wife and she tells TV Guide that she and Eisler are willing to take lie-detector tests to prove it. The night before Father's Day, the

Skating with Celebrities champ was arrested by Kingston, Ontario, cops on a complaint filed by Marcia O'Brien alleging Swanson deliberately caused her harm, Swanson says. "Basically, Lloyd is in the middle of a custody fight with his ex," Swanson says. "He wants 50/50 custody and the right to bring his two kids to L.A. for visits. That's their deal; I don't get involved." Swanson, last seen in Anna Nicole Smith drag on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, did get involved when she and new baby Magnus went to O'Brien's house along with Eisler to pick up his children for a pre-arranged visit. According to Swanson, the brouhaha started when O'Brien wouldn't leave the van after her children were settled in. "Magnus was fussing, we wanted to leave, and when Lloyd asked her to get out of the car, she ignored him. I told her the baby's wailing and we need to get the car moving, and she said, "'I'm more concerned with my children right now!'" Swanson claims she then scooted from the front seat of her minivan to the back to get to Magnus, bypassing O'Brien along the way. "She starting pulling and scratching me on my back and left arm, then Lloyd pulled her out of the vehicle." According to Swanson, as Eisler was backing down the driveway, O'Brien opened the car and tried to pull him out. Later, Eisler got a call from police who said they were charging Swanson with assault. According to Swanson, O'Brien told police that Swanson shook her or punched her, giving her a black eye. Swanson went to the Kingston police station the next day, paid $500 bail and was released. "When they arrested me," Swanson explains, "they took photos of six injuries on my left arm and knee." And O'Brien's black eye? "Lloyd is 99 percent positive that she was hit by the moving car door. I never touched her." Swanson has filed a counter complaint against O'Brien. The police are currently investigating the case, according to Swanson's lawyer Randall W. Wright. - Reporting by Ileane Rudolph