Kristine Lefebvre and Heidi Androl, <EM>The Apprentice</EM> Kristine Lefebvre and Heidi Androl, The Apprentice

Two golden Trump towers are going up in Las Vegas, and accordingly, two players went down on last week's The Apprentice, albeit not in the way the Donald foretold. Rather than boot one entire team of two, Trump picked one player each from the non-winning teams, surprising all and perhaps robbing the game of two of its best bets. spoke with Heidi Androl and Kristine Lefebvre about their exits. I can't help but feel like The Apprentice's two strongest women got booted last night....
Kristine: We did, we did, and it's all my damn fault.
Heidi: Aw, thanks! [Laughs] Well, it was what it was. I basically blew it. What do you think about Trump zagging when he was supposed to zig, firing one person from each of the two worst teams, instead of firing a whole team?
Heidi: Yeah, that just made it worse. Then it was every man or woman for him or herself. So that was a bummer, and it took its toll on me, that's for sure.
Kristine: When he announced the task, he said we were basically going to live or die as a team, so when Nicole couldn't get the fact that all she needed to do was open her mouth and tell Trump that she's going to sell the building, that's when I thought, "You know what, I'm going to have to do this myself." She was distracting, because she kept saying, "This is what my presentation's going to be," and I'm like, "Focus! The task is to create a multisensory presentation, so unless you think your voice grating on every nerve in my body is multisensory, you need to come up with other things." So when she went to sleep, I was like, "Perfect, I can just do this," and I did the video and I did the brochure. Nicole was then supposed to get up there and blow them out of the water with her presentation and her arcane PowerPoint presentation, but.... If you were in Trump's position in that boardroom, would you have done the same thing, by punishing each losing team?
Kristine: I would have stuck by how I presented [the rules]. I realize that in business you can never predict what might happen, that deals go crazy, but in this setting, if I knew going into the boardroom that it was "I'm going to fire one from each team," my approach would have been different.
Heidi: I think Frank should have gone with me. Not that I don't think that [Kristine and Nicole] having the phone number wrong is a good thing, it's just that I wasn't solely responsible for our loss. It was totally a collaborative effort. Let's talk about Frank. He's not going to win this whole damn thing, is he?!
Kristine: You know what? It's a scary possibility.
Heidi: Oh, I hope not. [Laughs] But he's like a little mini Trump, so I don't know! It was so hard; Frank and I had a disadvantage, having never really talked to one another, let alone worked together. And we are the epitome of opposites. So that was tough in and of itself. He's one of those people who's all over the place, and I usually have a plan.
Kristine: I think that, based on last night's edit, there's no way Nicole can win. She wasn't getting any "edit love" there. James, I don't know, he just bugs me, but he's got the record. Watching Stefani, I'm thinking she's probably what's been behind James' wins, but I'm not sure if Trump would hire someone like her, since she never stepped up to be project manager. For some reason, he keeps giving Frankie more chances. In at last three boardrooms, he's said, "I don't think you fit within the organization, you don't have the finesse," but he's still there. Kristine, tell me about the "wrong" number.
Kristine: The phone number came from the Trump Las Vegas Towers' website, on the "Contact" page. It was a media PR number, so it's 100 percent my fault for not checking it, but it's the phone number on the damn website. There's a different number on the "Sales" page, but... I never thought twice about it. Mr. Trump dropped the issue with the phone number — he said, "It's not that bad, at least they can give them the forwarding number" — and he said, "I really like your brochure, and your video was way better than Frank and Heidi's," and he liked our posters better than James and Stefani's. I thought I was going to be able to fight my way out of it, but I never got into the boxing ring. Of course, Heidi, you were an early favorite. As it was happening, did you feel like you had this killer momentum going?
Heidi: No, I was dying! [Laughs] The pressure was building and building. I was happy, I was thrilled that I was doing good, but I had a lot to live up to. I had a bull's-eye on my back, too! Heidi, your nickname on's official Apprentice page is "The Hottie." How did you like that?
Heidi: It wasn't the ideal nickname, but I guess I could be called worse, so... I'll take it for what it is. What was your favorite reward?
Heidi: Oh, gosh, do you even need to ask? [The visit from] Mom! That was probably the reason I was put on the show, if for nothing else than to see her come out to L.A. That really was one of the best things in my life.
Kristine: My husband [visiting], getting to knock boots a little.... There was time to knock boots?
Kristine: Yeah, he spent the night. How much time do you need? The project manager had a private room, so Heidi gave us her room. Score one for Heidi! And which reward were you most bummed to have missed out on?
Kristine: None of them. I surf all the time, and flying in a helicopter? I don't think so....
Heidi: I wouldn't have minded taking a private jet to hang out with the Governor [Schwarzenegger]. [Laughs] That would have been a good one for me. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the overall experience?
Heidi: I would have to say it was a 10. Even though I didn't come out on top, I learned a lot from it and I learned a lot about myself. You never can win without losing a few times.
Kristine: A 10, absolutely. It was fun and it came for me at a time in life when I needed something. Six months before the show I had undergone a radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer, and six weeks before the show I had gone through a failed adoption trial, so I went into the game having no idea what was going to happen. I hadn't tested myself emotionally, physically, mentally since everything had gone on. So for me, it gave me my life back. As a parting gift, do you two get a timeshare in Trump's new condo tower going up in Las Vegas?
Heidi: We would take that in a second! Though, actually, I didn't help sell it. [Laughs] I might get a room in the basement.
Kristine: Yeah, he may put us in, like, a bathroom somewhere. What's next for you?
Heidi: I am still in the aviation industry, and writing a book about being a female working in a male-dominated industry.
Kristine: I'm still working at [the law firm] Lord, Bissell & Brook, and my husband, who's a France-based chef, and I are looking for the perfect location to open a restaurant for him. He's "decorated," shall we say, and he's been on Iron Chef, so I want to focus my energies on creating him as a brand. Any websites to speak of?
Kristine: Both mine and his: and
Heidi: It's not up right this second, because we're doing some updates, but it's Swimsuit pictures of "The Hottie"?
Heidi: No, but I might be putting some up there now that this damn thing didn't work out! [Laughs] What the hell, right?

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