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Recent Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth brings some literal glee when she guest-stars on Glee Wednesday (9/8c, Fox). Chenoweth plays April Rhodes, a boozy former classmate of Will's who has a penchant for really young men. spoke to Chenoweth about her uncharacteristic Glee gig, when she'll be appearing on Mad Men and what really happened on Emmy night.

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Kristin Chenoweth:
April is a woman who was kind of "the deal" in glee in high school with Matthew Morrison's character. Let's just say he calls on April for some "help." How did you like playing such a different role?
This part is like nothing I've had the chance to do on TV. She's very happy when drinking to ease her pain. I also sing in three very different styles, which is always fun and challenging. Have you thought about joining Glee full-time?
I'd love to come back to this show. The cast is superb and the writing is dead-on. I truly had a blast playing this character.

Kristin Chenoweth weeps at Emmys Is there a possibility of that happening?
Ryan Murphy, the creator and genius behind Glee, has indicated that he'd love for April to come back some time. However, they are all working hard to figure out stories all the time. It'd be great for it to make sense for her to come back. Were you surprised about winning the Emmy?
Shock doesn't begin to describe how I felt when Jon Hamm called my name. I believe Tina Fey practically carried me offstage. I was in such good company. I just was so honored to get nominated. So to win it, it was a proud moment for our entire show. Pushing Daisies is the highlight of my career. I miss it, and the cast and crew and writers every day.

Kristin Chenoweth treated for migraine at Emmys A lot of rumors were going around about what happened to you after you won the Emmy. Can you set the record straight?
Yes, I had a horrific migraine after the press, after I won. Those people who get them know it's like a brain freeze that won't end. I was hoping it'd go away so I could celebrate. That didn't happen. But it was the best four minutes in my life. Have any of the shows you mentioned in your acceptance speech offered you any roles?
None of the shows I mentioned have called! But that's OK! I am huge fan of each of them and continue to be a loyal viewer!

Are you looking forward to seeing Chenoweth on Glee? And where else would you like to see her on your television dial?