When lunchtime comes, you've gotta be ready to hold the counter. At least, that's what actor Kristian Nairn learned in a commercial for KFC.

In the ad, the Game of Thrones alum relieved Hodor's tragic death, which saw Nairn's character overtaken by a horde of White Walkers while holding a door to allow his friends to escape. The event added new meaning to Hodor's name, which is also the only word he's able to say (he and Groot should form a club).

In this case, however, Nairn stares down a bunch of hungry customers just wondering when their order of chicken and fries is coming. So no deaths, just an overwhelming amount of orders to take care of. But luckily for the customers, their wait isn't nearly as long as the wait for Daenerys to finally cross the Narrow Sea and set foot in Westeros.

While next season will be shorter than previous ones, it will also feature two of the longest episodes in history. That's plenty of time to crush even more hearts with gut-wrenching scenes that will later be turned into advertising fodder.

Game of Thrones returns July 16 at 9/8c on HBO.