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Kristen Stewart: Talking About Gender Inequality in Hollywood Is "Boring"

"Instead of sitting around complaining about that, do something"

Liz Raftery

Kristen Stewart has a message for people bemoaning the lack of jobs for women in Hollywood: stop talking and start taking action.

"Instead of sitting around complaining about that, do something," Stewart told Varietywhen asked about gender inequality in the film industry. "Go write something, go do something for yourself. ... I'm so f---ing lucky and so stimulated and driven and not bored. I have something in front of me all the time. It sounds weird for me to sit around and say, 'It's not fair.'"

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Stewart said it's a lesson she learned from her mother. "If you're bored or if you feel like there's a lack of something in front of you, it's silly for me to say go 'do something,'" she says. "But I came from a family ... my mom's an artist, she's a painter, she's a script supervisor as well. When she wasn't working, she was making something. She was never bored."

But the Twilight star, whose new film, Certain Women, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, admits that it's easier said than done. "It's hard to get movies made," she says. "It's a huge luxury, just who gets to make movies. That subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it's boring. ... Guys make more money because their movies make more money. Let's start making more movies."

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