You know how last week NBC forced a Crossing Jordan-Las Vegas crossover episode on us? Too. Early. This week the show redeemed itself in my eyes. The Wedding Singer old lady made me laugh and scared me at the same time (it's those eyes). And that's after Monica had Danny shake what his mama gave him to get said old lady to vacate her house that was uglying up the Montecito grounds. Turns out she shot a mean old mobster 60 years earlier and buried him underneath her house. Trust me, this was funny.

Remember when I said Lara Flynn Boyle's character was obnoxious? Well, I still think so. But now I think she's good obnoxious. Monica got hers at the end, though, when Mike and Danny found her stuck in her hotel-room shower (that she designed!). Loved the two pals doing the whole Rock, Scissors, Paper bit to see who would save her nekkid self. Survivor alum Colby Donaldson popped in; he played one of Sam's whales that she had a serious crush on. Too bad he only wanted her to dog-sit for him. Ouch. But it was funny to see Sam be all girly and then be all rejected for a change. 

More of the action: Jillian gets Big Ed to go all Best in Show and Delinda finally returns to the Montecito fold, bringing the "Don't Cha" girls  aka the Pussycat Dolls with her. The only thing that didn't work? Rachael Leigh Cook and Josh Duhamel's chemistry. Which is a hard thing to admit, 'cause Josh has chemistry with a phone book. And since you were asking (or not), yes, that was INXS' "Pretty Vegas" serenading next week's tease, complete with Mr. "Right for our band... INXS" JD Fortune.