Aubrey Plaza Aubrey Plaza

She plays
April Ludgate, the Parks and Recreation staffer known as much for her back-and-forth flirtation with dimwit Andy (Chris Pratt) as for her chronically dry wit — something the actress admits to sharing with her alter ego. "Personality-wise, I guess I'm kind of sarcastic," confesses Plaza. "She's a younger, more rebellious, heightened version of me."

Where You've Seen Her
Hanging out with funny people. She played Seth Rogen's love interest in Funny People and just recently appeared in the hipster comedy Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. New York tourists may also recognize Plaza from her days as an NBC page at 30 Rock. "It was not for me, to say the least," laughs the Delaware native, who scored the internship while attending NYU's film school. "We had to give tours every 90 minutes, and you have to put on a show for them. I think the page directors were used to having people who were really smiley. I was a bit of a weirdo."

Why We Love Her
Because she's turned April from an acerbic intern to a full-time favorite with killer eye rolls and her adorable on-screen pairing with costar Pratt. And we're not the only ones rooting for this twosome. "If you are an Andy-April fan, which I am, your head is gonna blow off this season," promises Plaza's boss and "comedy hero," Amy Poehler. "There is a lot of sweet stuff coming up. Aubrey and Chris are such funny actors — their chemistry is crazy."

Recreational Activities
Even though she's on one of TV's strongest comedies, Plaza finds the funny in some of the strangest places. "I watch a lot of reality television," she says. "Bad Girls Club makes me laugh. Jersey Shore makes me laugh. Amy and I are always in her trailer watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That's where it's at for me."

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