You know, I liked the bitchy Janice Dickinson of America's Next Top Model. While she was always brutally honest, she was hilarious and her criticisms were professional, not personal. This Janice, however, is cruel and selfish, and her ego just isn't funny anymore. She makes everything all about her and, unfortunately, the editors go along with her. Her objection to doing the burlesque show for charity was that she's a mother. Excuse me? This is the same woman we (and, presumably, her children) saw in what looked like a drunken/drugged-out stupor two weeks ago, and who flashed her butt cheek at Jose Canseco and the camera last week. I think it was the "for charity" part she most objected to, not the skin. (I hope some of the Top Model contestants who were punished for refusing to pose nude were watching this ironic moment.) And in the battle over the phone, she made Omarosa look good once again. If Janice hadn't hogged the camera, we could have been treated to more of the burlesque lesson from Kitten Deville and more of Jose and Carey quickly becoming so expert at ripping off their pants in public. At least we did get to see Omarosa's mildly funny wardrobe malfunction. As for the actual performance, I have to say that for a Maxim cover girl, Caprice sure lacked sex appeal as Lady Liberty, especially when compared to Pepa's Westward ho. But thank you, Surreal producers, for sparing everyone the sight of Bronson Pinchot's exposed flesh. I don't think Janice's children could have handled it.