Indira Varma Indira Varma

She plays
Human Target's Ilsa Pucci, the sharp-tongued billionaire and not-so-silent partner in Christopher Chance's personal-security agency. "I think anyone with money wants to know how their money is spent," says Varma. "I mean, look at producers!"

Where you've seen her before
Dying. First she took a fatal face-plant from a balcony as Vorenus' suicidal wife on HBO's Rome, and this past spring, her run as Idris Elba's wife on the BBC crime drama Luther ended when she was offed by a dirty cop.

Why we love her
Along with fellow cast addition Janet Montgomery (Ames), Varma brings the sexy and the sassy. "She's fun," agrees Mark Valley of the London-trained looker of Swiss, Indian and Italian descent, adding that she also "brings a much deeper dynamic" to the macho show. This week, her equally international character will jet off to Africa for a holiday escape, while the team stays behind to spend the season staking out a suburban killer.

Properly improper
Although the well-bred Ilsa is often at odds with Chance, Winston and Guerrero, Varma herself fits in just fine with her he-man costars Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley. "It doesn't feel like you're walking into a locker room," she says. "In fact, Janet and I probably have filthier mouths than the guys!"

Human Target airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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