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Say it with us: Knope We Can!

The political campaign of Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) isn't over — despite losing fancy campaign advisers because her secret romance with Ben (Adam Scott) went public — as her Parks Department cohorts banded together to take over. But while that's sweet, they're in over their heads.

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"They have no idea what they're doing," executive producer Mike Schur

tells, adding: "She's not giving up."With Leslie's sights set on City Council, and everyone lending a hand, the Parks Department will find itself in flux. Schur says "everyone's attentions get divided" and Ron (Nick Offerman) will need to fill the void left by Leslie's absence during the campaign. "Ron's trying to compensate, somehow, for a person who did 90 percent of the work."For his part, Ron will be the backbone of Leslie's campaign. "Ron is now officially designated Leslie's senior adviser," he says. "He has always kind of served that function, but now he's doing it in a specific way. Leslie will lean on him for advice and support."Though Ron is her senior adviser, look for Ben to take charge of her campaign, which, coupled with his recent exit from the Parks Department, will send Chris (Rob Lowe) into a tailspin. "Chris lost his buddy," he says. "He is also feeling a void and there's a story line that unfolds over the course of the year about who he's going to try to replace Ben with. He has some ideas, some faces we may have seen before."

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As ragtag as it is, Leslie's grass-roots effort will inspire those around her. "Andy [Chris Pratt] hangs around with Leslie as her body man," he says. "He sees her being ambitious and striving and he tries to figure out what he wants. By the end of the year, he will have made a big decision on what's next for him in his life, and the same is true of April [Aubrey Plaza] in the sense that without Leslie in the department, everyone's roles shift and change."Parks and Recreation returns Thursday at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.