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Pizza pie? More like pizza lie!

On the second part of Kitchen Nightmare's two-hour premiere Friday (8/7c, Fox), Gordon Ramsay swings by the family-owned Italian eatery Pantaleone's in Denver, Colo. Based on a 30-year-old review of the restaurant, the owner claims that it serves the best pizza in the city. How can something three decades old possibly be wrong?

First Look: Kitchen Nightmares returns to Amy's Baking Company

Check out this exclusive first look to see what Chef Ramsay thinks:

Interestingly, the restaurant's website proudly announces that after their Kitchen Nightmares experience, "Much has changed for the better. Except for our secret homemade pizza crust. After all, you can't improve perfection."

Pantaleone's revamp is paired with the return to the notorious Amy's Baking Company when Kitchen Nightmare's new season premieres Friday at 8/7c on Fox.