While Kitchen Confidential isn't as sizzling as its premiere, this dark comedy is still a tasty treat. The altogether disturbing premise of tonight's episode: Would you help someone you love kill themselves with food, and is gorging on cream sauces worse than any other vice out there? After his mentor insinuates that maybe Jack doesn't have what it takes to create murderous cuisine, the eager chef proclaims, "Tomorrow night, you come in; I'll kill you dead." To quote the Cajun chef, "I guar-on-tee" that this black comedy is just having a bit of trouble finding the right mix of darkness and outright funny jokes (like the ones at Jim's expense), but once they get the measurements sorted out, it will cause some big belly laughs.... In the meantime, if you can't wait, How I Met Your Mother is already dolling out the easy chuckles. Mostly from Neil Patrick Harris' over-the-top Barney, who will do anything for a good time. His "Suit up!" catchphrase has never once worked, even as "Snowsuit up!" for an igloo-building escapade in Central Park, but that doesn't dim his sunny optimism. For example, after his scheme to pick up chicks lands him and Ted in the Philadelphia airport being interrogated by cops, he finds a party. His selling point: "It's going to be legend wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant, because the second half of that word is 'dairy.'" He also had a wickedly funny line about licking the Liberty Bell and its famous crack, but I think you had to be there for that one. AC

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