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"Would you like to see my basement?" isn't something most girls want to hear when meeting the parents of their date — especially when the basement is full of dead animals.

But The Bachelorette's Kirk DeWindt gave it a shot anyway when he took Ali Fedotowsky to his hometown in Wisconsin. "I was a little nervous to see her reaction ... but I had given her a fair warning — she knew what she was getting into," the 27-year-old suitor told "She's a roll-with-the-punches kind of girl, so I figured it wouldn't be too big of a deal."

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Unfortunately, Kirk was sent home at the rose ceremony. Even though Ali said she and Kirk didn't have a connection as strong as those she has with Chris L., Frank and Roberto, Kirk says the animals probably didn't help. "You put a cute city girl in a basement full of dead animals and you're probably going to get a reaction," he said.

At least he has some better dates to remember from the experience. "My favorite date, hands down, was in Iceland," the sales consultant said, noting that most of their day together wasn't aired, even though that's when they built the strongest foundation for the relationship.

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So what's next for Kirk? "I would definitely entertain the thought of being the next Bachelor," he said. "Obviously [it's] a great opportunity ...there's a lot of appeal there, so it would be considered."