Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

Remember when you offered your kingdom for a TV drama featuring several shirtless hunks? Well, DirecTV heard your call and is ready to deliver.

The new series Kingdom, formerly titled Navy St., is a gritty family drama embroiled in the bizarre, bloody, and often misunderstood world of Mixed Martial Arts. Prison Break's Frank Grillo stars as Alvey Kulina, a former MMA fighter and the owner of a Venice, Calif., gym who's looking to develop the next generation of fighters, including his two sons played by Nick Jonas (yes, that Nick Jonas) and Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood).

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Former Friday Night Lights star Matt Lauria shows off muscles in places we didn't know he had muscles as a fighter who had—and lost—it all, whileThe GladesKiele Sanchez and House of CardsJoanna Going star as Alvey's girlfriend and ex-wife, respectively.

Check out the trailer below and then hit the comments with your first impressions!

Kingdom premieres Oct. 8 at 9/8c on DirecTV. Will you watch?