Jaime King Jaime King

If dying is the hardest thing to do on film, then screaming must be a close second. "Screaming is more nerve-racking than doing an intense monologue or a scene in a bikini! It's a very vulnerable experience," says Jaime King, who got her shriek on in 2009's My Bloody Valentine and is currently helping whittle down a crop of wannabe actresses as host of VH1's Scream Queens 2 (Monday, 10/9c). The reality contest's top prize? A role in the upcoming Saw 3D. We polled King for the Top 5 essentials to being a scream queen.

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Razor-sharp acting chops.
"You have to make the audience believe they are going through a very terrifying journey with you."

A frighteningly fit body. "Go to the gym and work your ass off. If I see a dainty little girl running around like an idiot, I'd probably want her to get killed!"

Scary-hot sex appeal. "When you're in a scene with blood and gore, the audience wants something yummy to look at."