Kimora Lee Simmons, <EM>Life in the Fab Lane</EM> Kimora Lee Simmons, Life in the Fab Lane

Anyone who has seen Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (Sundays at , 11 pm/ET, Style) knows that Kimora Lee Simmons is the busiest mogul-model-mother on Earth. But whether she's running the Phat Fashions empires or running around with her two daughters, the thirtysomething Japanese/Korean/African-American beauty always has time to get her fab on. What's harder: running Baby Phat and Phat Farm or raising two kids under 10?
Kimora Lee Simmons: It's definitely harder raising the children. I want them to grow up to be well-rounded, grounded, loving, caring, sensitive individuals. It's the single biggest challenge of my life. My work — which comes after my children — is like a child as well, so it's like I have three kids. Do you get any sleep?
Kimora: Very little! [Laughs] And we're on spring break, so it's tough. I work all the time and I sleep with my Blackberrys, so I'm always emailing my [staff] at all hours of the night. They know to turn theirs off. You still do quite a bit of modeling, so what do you think of shows like America's Next Top Model?
Kimora: I am so proud of Tyra. She's one of the girls' godmother and she was my maid of honor, so we're really good friends. And I feel that she filled a niche. In general, I think those shows do well because the world is very interested in fashion and modeling and entertainment. That's what the people want. How did you become so fabulous?
Kimora: I don't see myself as being fabulous, that's the thing. I think I'm fabulous from the inside out, but that's more about self-confidence and how well you rebound from adversity. Great clothes and jewelry are the icing. The cake is your family…the cake is you! Fashions, fragrances, TV, modeling…you're the glam Martha Stewart.
Kimora: Yeah, I feel like that! I've come through a lot…hopefully I can be a model to [young girls] for getting through life with a little fabulosity. And a little fun, like your romance with Djimon Honsou?
Kimora: [Laughs] More important than being so fine on the outside, he's really great on the inside. He's a really beautiful person and he has calmed my life in ways you don't even know. I feel so grateful to have someone like him in my life. Having a wonderful partner who loves and supports me is a big thing. How is it having your own Barbie?
Kimora: That was a big deal! I tried to make her glamorous and pink and she has a faux-fur chinchilla coat, because I want to show kids that faux fur can be fabulous too. She's everything a Barbie is supposed to be, honey.

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