Katie Couric, Kim Kardashian Katie Couric, Kim Kardashian

Normally, receiving a baby gift is cause for a thank you card, not a feud.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian Instagrammed a present Katie Couric had sent her and Kanye West to congratulate them on the birth of their daughter North. "May I humbly suggest you continue the K tradition," Couric joked on the card.

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Unfortunately, Kardashian wasn't laughing. "#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkSh--Following" the reality star captioned the photo.

Kardashian is apparently upset over Couric's recent interview with In Touch, in which the 56-year-old mother of two said she couldn't quite figure out the fascination with the Kardashians. "I don't understand — why are they so famous? I think it's mostly teenage girls that are interested," the Katie host said.

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Couric issued a statement defending herself in response to Kardashian's comments. "I've met Kim before and I think she's a really sweet person. I was responding to a reporter's question, and explaining how I'm intrigued by the public's fascination with her family," Couric said. "I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. The gift is genuine, and I'm happy for Kim and Kanye."

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