Kim Kardashian, <EM>Disaster Movie</EM> Kim Kardashian, Disaster Movie

What has been perhaps Kim Kardashian's best week ever started off with a near-disastrous injury, and now wraps up with a Disaster Movie (in theaters now). spoke with Kim about going Dancing with the Stars, her spoof-filled big-screen debut, and the well-known celebrity backside she herself most covets. (Hint: It is <I>not</i> the one that she finds to be "adorable.") Congratulations on your Dancing with the Stars gig.
Kim Kardashian: Thank you! I'm so excited.... And you struck gold with Mark Ballas for a partner.
Kardashian: I know.... I just hope I don't make him go crazy after the whole foot thing. What exactly happened with your foot injury? Something involving a hotel room and a mirror?
Kardashian: You know how that mirrored furniture is really popular? I had a mirrored desk and it's broken at all of the corners. I was on my computer when I realized it was a broken, so I took my foot to kick away from the table and get away from it. Of course, I sliced my foot in pushing away. In retrospect, are you like, "Why did I use a bare foot to kick away a broken glass table?"
Kardashian: Basically. I didn't think it was broken on the bottom, just the top. I didn't even look. It all happened so fast, I just wasn't thinking. I'm staying in a nice hotel supposedly, who would think they'd have this completely broken table? The Dancing news comes the same week that your sister, Khloe, was announced as part of the next Celebrity Apprentice. Is that by design? To provide grist for the third season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians [premiering early 2009]?
Kardashian: We're not shooting mine; I don't know if I can speak about anything with Khloe. Buy the time our show comes out, [DWTS] will be over with. So we're not really following it. We have plenty of other drama going on! In Disaster Movie, what's the "clothes line" plot on which all the spoofs and gags are hung?
Kardashian: Basically, it's about a group of friends trying to get out of New York city because all these natural disasters are happening. Along the way, we spoof everything. And what does "everything" include?
Kardashian: All of the superhero movies – Iron Man, Batman and The HulkSex and the City, Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas brothers, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo.... We do everything. Indiana Jones, High School Musical.... Do you have a favorite moment or sight gag?
Kardashian: The funniest part of the movie, I have to say, is Amy Winehouse. That character is hysterical. My favorite part of filming was when Carmen [Electra] and I spoof the WWE Divas, and we do a whole wrestling scene. We had to learn all these choreographed moves, so it looked way crazier than what it was. We had stunt doubles to help us with the super-crazy stuff, but it was insane. Did you two really go at it?
Kardashian: Yeah, we really went at it. She's the one who showed me that we've got to go for it. Last question: Is there another celebrity whose backside you'd like to have, if you did not possess your own famous one?
Kardashian: Jennifer Lopez! I love her. Can you tell? [Laughs] You wouldn't go in the "other" direction, with, like, Jessica Alba's?
Kardashian: Yeah, hers is adorable. Adorable. I love her and her little butt is so cute. But I'm a J.Lo fan.