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Did Paul Young kill Rosie Larsen?

Mark Moses, the actor who plays the Desperate Housewives murderer, is joining The Killing as a new detective who joins the investigation into Rosie's death, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (What? That doesn't mean he didn't do it!)

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Moses, 53, will play Lt. Carlson, a new hire at the Seattle Police Department. In early casting calls for the role, Carlson is described as a clean-cut, smart and crafty cop who comes off more white collar than blue collar. It's hard to read whether Carlson is honest or simply playing along.

The Killing drew outrage from fans last year when the crime drama stopped short of solving the central mystery — who killed Rosie Larsen? — by the end of Season 1. Moses is set to appear in at least eight episodes of Season 2 and plays a role in the Larsen investigation, which begs the question: Will viewers be getting their answer later rather than sooner? We sure hope not.

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In addition to Desperate Housewives, Moses recurred on Mad Men as ruthless ad men Herman "Duck" Phillips. He will next be seen on The Closer in the Dec. 19 episode.

The Killing returns for Season 2 this spring.