Valentine's Day is just a little sweeter this year thanks to Eve and Villanelle. The first teaser trailer for the breakout hit Killing Eve dropped Thursday, teasing out the immediate aftermath of Season 1's shocking finale.

Spoilers for those who didn't watch that incredible set of episodes — available now on Hulu, and we'd highly recommend catching up before Season 2: Killing Eve Season 1 ended with Eve (Sandra Oh) confronting Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Villanelle's dope Parisian apartment — and what started as a romantic moment between two women who had circled each other over the previous seven episodes turned pointedly different, with Eve stabbing Villanelle in the belly. The master assassin escaped into the daylight, leaving Eve to wonder what happened.

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As teased in the new trailer, we now know: Villanelle got away and wound up in a hospital to recover from her injuries; Eve, meanwhile, initially thought Villanelle had died — but the reality of her situation quickly revealed itself.

"Sometimes, when you love someone, you do crazy things," Villanelle says in the trailer while Skylar Grey's moody cover of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" plays over the images of obsession and devotion that fans of the show have come to love.

Everything We Know About Killing Eve Season 2

As revealed during the show's Television Critics Association winter press tour panel last week, Season 2 of Killing Eve picks up 30 seconds after Season 1. "At the start of the [season], we see Villanelle in a different way. She has no control of the situation," said Comer, who added Eve's violence against Villanelle will affect both characters in a way that neither woman is expecting.

"You see them vulnerable in slightly different ways because they've crossed a line and there's kind of no going back," added Oh. "We have a lot of energy at the beginning of the [season] and that pushes both of them into a different place of vulnerability."

Season 2 of Killing Eve has a new writer, Emerald Fennel, a friend of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who wrote the acclaimed Season 1 but did not return to script this new batch of episodes.

Killing Eve Season 2 premieres on AMC and BBC America on April 7.