Kiefer Sutherland by Amy Sussman/ Getty Images for Fox Kiefer Sutherland by Amy Sussman/ Getty Images for Fox

Not that 24 fans needed to be made more excited/impatient for the long-delayed Season 7, Kiefer Sutherland at Fox's upfront presentation promised truly super-Bauered times ahead - and in a way, you have the WGA-AMPTP feud to thank for it. "After so many postponements, I can assure you that none of us at 24 took for granted the significance of this upcoming season," the series star-producer said. "But the time allowed us to do something that has never been done before - create a map of the entire season before we started shooting. So I can tell you without hesitation, I know for a fact, that Season 7 is going to be the best season yet."

What's more, Sutherland - who leaves for South Africa in a few weeks to begin filming the two-hour 24 movie airing Nov. 23 - says the real-time "prequel" to Day 7 will be a good time as well. "[Writer-executive producer] Howard Gordon is most proud of this [script] of anything he's done," Sutherland shared. "I can't tell you how excited we are to make it."

OK, I need November to be here, like, now. - MWM

" 24 Clocks Back In November 23 with "Prequel"