Starting Friday, Nicole Kidman can be seen in Frank Oz and Paul Rudnick's remake of the 1975 cult classic, The Stepford Wives. In this version, Joanna's a powerful TV-network president and Matthew Broderick is the insecure husband who plots not only to alter her hair color — from brunet to blond — but her whole personality! Will she end up a sexy, subservient robot? We won't tell. As for the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise, she can't understand the desire for a "perfect" mate.

"I don't want perfect," insists the stunning 36-year-old Oscar winner. "Happiness is not found through perfection, or even trying to achieve it. The fun thing is discovering someone — the things that somebody else might think are appalling, you might think are really cute.

"I am nowhere near perfect, and I'm not ever trying to be," she adds. "The thing I find most attractive in people is their flaws. I like the mystery."

Like most modern women, Kidman scoffs at the '50s-style Stepford Wife ideal. "My mom stayed at home for most of our lives," she says, "and I don't think I ever saw her in stilettos, with her hair all done, and baking a cake. She would cook, she would sew with the best of them, and make all our clothes and everything. But she was real and complicated and a wonderful role model for me."

While Kidman tries to set an equally good example for her own two kids, that doesn't always work out. Especially when it comes to shielding them from certain aspects of her showbiz career. "They don't see my films," she emphatically says. "I had this terrible situation where I had this American Cinematheque [tribute] and they were desperate to come. I took them, and then, they showed clips from Eyes Wide Shut. I'm like, 'Cover your ears! Head under the table!' You work hard, you fail, you succeed. But that is parenting.

"I have to be careful because my job is to be their mother," she continues. "Just because their mother is famous does not mean they are. Once they are 16, if they say, 'I want to be an actor,' then it is different. Up until that point, I'm the mother and what I say goes!"